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Cybersecurity Technology Efficacy: How can organisations assess solution efficacy?


Debate Security welcomed panellists with a wealth of experience of the cyber industry in a variety of roles, from buyer to seller to assessor, to discuss the challenges of assessing how effective cybersecurity technology actually is at defending organisations from attack.

Date: September 2020
Location: Virtual

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Discussion highlights

Joseph Hubback (Moderator), Cybersecurity Industry Analyst

Joseph is an independent cybersecurity industry analyst researching the current dynamics of the market. He is a former McKinsey partner, where he helped establish and lead the cybersecurity practice and has spent his career in technology and engineering environments.

Carolann Shields, Former CISO at KPMG

Carolann joined KPMG as CISO after rising through the ranks at McKinsey & Company. Throughout her career and to date, she has driven many company-wide cybersecurity initiatives and has done so by developing collaborative, positive security cultures and multi-faceted teams.

“It’s an interesting challenge when looking at new technologies whether or not they are actually going to be effective, both from a security and costs perspective, can you maintain this long-term?” 

Mark Hughes, Senior Vice President of Security at DXC Technology

Formerly CEO of BT Security, Mark now leads the Security team at DXC Technology. He is responsible for the company’s global security organization and offerings, including advisory services, managed security services, identity management and monitoring, and information assurance.

“It’s more and more difficult…you’ve spent all that money and this is still going on? There is a problem. Full stop.” 

Frank Duff, Director of ATT&CK Evaluations at MITRE Engenuity/Group

Frank is an experienced project leader responsible for identifying new business opportunities, shaping work, and overseeing their execution. His role at MITRE covers all aspects from business development, to sales and technical leadership and has a deep understanding of how to best apply offensive and defensive security practices.

“From an assessor’s perspective we don’t claim victory, we just want to lay out what is the ability of these products.”

Laura Deaner, CISO, S&P Global

Laura Deaner is the CISO at S&P Global, responsible for establishing and driving the enterprise information security vision and program. She leverages her nearly twenty‐one years working in security for multi‐national Fortune 500 companies to build effective and robust information security programs.


“It’s difficult to have the capacity to evaluate efficacy…many smaller companies won’t have the capacity to do it.”

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