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Every year, businesses spend $103 billion on technology designed to prevent cyber breaches – and yet the breaches keep coming. So how much of that spend is actually useful?

The truth is, nobody knows, because nobody looks. Leading technology analyst firms admit that they rank security products on features and functionality – not on whether they actually deliver security. Following their lead, technology buyers assess features and functionality rather than security.

But this is not the only model. In the government world of national security, the primary buying criterion for cyber security products is: does the technology actually deliver security?

Are these two worlds just fundamentally different in their approach to cyber risk? Or is it time for commercial businesses to recognise that if they’re being attacked like a nation state, they should start defending like one?

These are difficult questions. Making changes involves challenging entrenched interests and resetting the incentives in a market for cyber security technology that currently favours style over substance.

Is it time? Is it possible? Join the debate.

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